"Those who baan in March skip around"

  1.  Women's History Month
    MAR 1-31
    Women's History Month
    We will be celebrating Women's History all Month (and year) at each of our homes! There will be a special event on International Women's Day on March 8 and our annual Phenomenal Females event on March 10.
  2. Phenomenal Females
    MAR 10
    Phenomenal Females
    In Honour of International Women's Day we will host our annual Phenomenal Females event in aid of the St. Anthony's and Mary's Child children's homes for pregnant teens and young mothers. Phenomenal women will come in and host workshops for the girls while sharing their amazing journeys and accomplishments.
  3. Home Check-Ins
    MAR 13
    Home Check-Ins
    We will be checking in in-person at each of our homes to make sure our children are healthy and happy and of course have had a great start to the school year. We will also take this time to assess their needs and desires so we can take them into consideration when planning our upcoming projects.
  4. Every Mikkle Ingles 
First Class
    MAR 14
    Every Mikkle Ingles First Class
    Our team is expanding to Barcelona where our Executive Director is currently studying. She and a few other team members will start the first set of Every Mikkle Ingles free English classes for immigrants there! Super excited for these bold moves!